Diddy says it was "jokes" on being forced to pay Sting $5,000 a day – NME


  1. Diddy says he was “joking” about being forced to pay Sting $5,000 a dayNME
  2. Diddy Says ‘I Was Kidding’ When He Claimed Sting Earns $5k On The Day Of 1997 Hit Missing Youdaily mail
  3. Fans calculated the staggering amount Diddy paid Sting after admitting to paying him $5,000 a day.UNILAD
  4. Diddy admits that he still pays Sting an incredible sum every day to sample a hit song.Mirror
  5. Diddy doesn’t pay Sting thousands of dollars a day to sample Every Breath You TakeMetro.es
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