Classification Of Computer


Traditionally computer systems have been labeled in accordance with processor sorts as a result of improvement in processor and processing speeds have been the developmental benchmarks. Earliest computer systems used vacuum tubes for processing, have been enormous and broke down incessantly. Nevertheless, as vacuum tubes have been changed by transistors after which chips, their dimension decreased and processing speeds elevated manifold.

All fashionable computer systems and computing gadgets use microprocessors whose speeds and storage capacities are skyrocketing day-to-day. The developmental benchmark for computer systems is now their dimension. Computer systems at the moment are labeled on the premise of their use or dimension −

  • Desktop
  • Laptop computer
  • Tablet
  • Server
  • Mainframe
  • Supercomputer

Allow us to take a look at all a majority of these computer systems intimately.


Desktop computer systems are private computer systems (PCs) designed to be used by a person at a set location. IBM was the primary pc to introduce and popularize use of desktops. A desktop unit usually has a CPU (Central Processing Unit), monitor, keyboard and mouse. Introduction of desktops popularized use of computer systems amongst frequent individuals because it was compact and reasonably priced.

Using on the wave of desktop’s reputation many software program and {hardware} gadgets have been developed specifically for the house or workplace consumer. The foremost design consideration right here was consumer friendliness.

Laptop computer

Regardless of its enormous reputation, desktops gave strategy to a extra compact and transportable private pc referred to as laptop computer in 2000s. Laptops are additionally referred to as pocket book computer systems or just notebooks. Laptops run utilizing batteries and hook up with networks utilizing Wi-Fi (Wi-fi Constancy) chips. Additionally they have chips for vitality effectivity in order that they will preserve energy at any time when doable and have an extended life.

Trendy laptops have sufficient processing energy and storage capability for use for all workplace work, web site designing, software program improvement and even audio/video modifying.


After laptops computer systems have been additional miniaturized to develop machines which have processing energy of a desktop however are sufficiently small to be held in a single’s palm. Tablets have contact delicate display screen of usually 5 to 10 inches the place one finger is used to the touch icons and invoke software

Keyboard can be displayed just about at any time when required and used with contact strokes. Purposes that run on tablets are referred to as apps. They use working techniques by Microsoft (Home windows 8 and later variations) or Google (Android). Apple computer systems have developed their very own pill referred to as iPad which makes use of a proprietary OS referred to as iOS.


Servers are computer systems with excessive processing speeds that present a number of companies to different techniques on the community. They might or could not have screens hooked up to them. A gaggle of computer systems or digital gadgets linked collectively to share sources is named a community.

Servers have excessive processing powers and might deal with a number of requests concurrently. Mostly discovered servers on networks embrace −

  • File or storage server
  • Sport server
  • Software server
  • Database server
  • Mail server
  • Print server
  • Mainframe

Mainframes are computer systems utilized by organizations like banks, airways and railways to deal with hundreds of thousands and trillions of on-line transactions per second. Essential options of mainframes are −

Huge in dimension

Lots of occasions Quicker than servers, usually hundred megabytes per second

Very costly

Use proprietary OS supplied by the producers

In-built {hardware}, software program and firmware security measures


Supercomputers are the quickest computer systems on Earth. They’re used for finishing up complicated, quick and time intensive calculations for scientific and engineering functions. Supercomputer pace or efficiency is measured in teraflops, i.e. 1012 floating level operations per second.

Chinese language supercomputer Sunway Taihu Mild is the world’s quickest supercomputer with a ranking of 93 petaflops per second, i.e. 93 quadrillion floating level operations per second.

Commonest makes use of of supercomputers embrace −

Molecular mapping and analysis

Climate forecasting

Environmental analysis

Oil and gasoline exploration

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